Prepare the SD-card

Get the image from

I wrote it to SD-card with Raspberry Pi Imager (tutorial).

Initial boot and setup

It is good idea to have keyboard and display connected to Pi to make the initial setup.

The default username and password are root and toor.

First change the password for root with command passwd

You can check it works by logging out with exit and logging in again with the given new password.

Here is Finland we have a different keyboard layout so it is good idea to run run-setup to set keyboard layout, timezone etc.

Enable SSH access

I don’t really want Pi to be connected to keyboard and display all the time and I’m going to use Ansible to provision Pi eventually, so let’s create a user for Ansible. Also root-login via SSH is not enabled by default.

adduser ansible

Give the password for ansible-user.

Devuan should be set up to run ssh by default, so now you should be able to connect to your Pi via SSH with ansible-user.

Root-access to Ansible

Run visudo as root-user (I like vi more than nano, so I ran EDITOR=vi visudo)

Add line

ansible ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

under following line

root    ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

Just to make sure everything has been reloaded restart the Pi with

shutdown -r 0

Now your Pi is ready to be put in to dark closet for remote access :)