Currently working as a freelance software developer.

Top 3 of my skills are

  1. DevOps, servers and cloud related operations and development.
  2. Settings up CI/CD pipelines with test automation capabilities.
  3. Android development.


I’m Jarno, a freelance software developer with a profound expertise in DevOps, Android development, and CI/CD pipelines, particularly with Jenkins. My career is distinguished by an unwavering commitment to address and solve complex challenges, a trait that has positioned me as a leading innovator across diverse sectors such as the wood industry, energy sector, and telecommunications.

My portfolio is adorned with significant achievements, like creating a technique for network packet capture on non-rooted Android devices, which has dramatically enhanced application network analysis without sacrificing security. Equally noteworthy is my development of a sandboxed iOS mobile testing framework using a novel approach to run an OS X system within another, exemplifying my capability to devise unconventional solutions.

In the realm of energy, I’ve been at the forefront of establishing CI/CD pipelines and server management using CFEngine, alongside deploying an extensive monitoring system. My contributions also extend to crafting a measurement solution for wireless networks and augmenting mobile test automation with the integration of tools like Calabash and Appium.

My technical acumen encompasses more than just software development. I adeptly manage my own servers with Ansible, Kubernetes, and Terraform to ensure a resilient infrastructure. My ventures include operating a PeerTube video service and delving into Android application reverse engineering, successfully embedding license plate recognition technology into devices. These projects underscore my adaptability and innovative spirit.

My effectiveness in team collaboration and leadership is amplified by my skills in interpersonal communication and a grounding in psychology. This, combined with a positive attitude and a knack for navigating complex team dynamics, makes me an invaluable asset and leader, promoting a culture of cooperation and novelty.

Embracing challenges as a freelancer, I’m passionate about delivering pioneering solutions. My work is characterized by a unique amalgamation of technical proficiency, inventive problem-solving, and a focus on human-centric design.

Seeking a developer who not only shines in DevOps, Android, and CI/CD but also champions innovation and teamwork? Let’s connect and explore how we can turn groundbreaking ideas into reality.

Founder and CEO at SEO Company Kranu Oy.